TempusBasic 5.3.1


TempusBasic is a efficient utility that allows you to enter the staff shift patterns and manage the day to day.

TempusBasic is a powerful shift and shift pattern management tool where we can properly plan the human resources of a company to be more efficient and transparent with people by using a graphic environment. With TempusBasic you'll be able to create users and view their shift-pattern by the application or print them in a variety of formats. Some of its features are listed below:

Personnel: In the personnel module, we have quick access to the shift, shift pattern, public holidays and annual leave for each personnel member.

Shifts: In the Shifts module, we plan the timetables into which the business activity is divided.

Work cycle (assigning work cycles to a shift pattern)

Work cycles (distribution of shifts) that are assigned automatically.

View number of hours worked: In this mode we can obtain the number of hours worked per person.

User control: TempusBasic -full version- has an highly customizable user control. You can make custom profiles with the desired permissions and assign them to a user.

Incidents: Management of incidents that can affect whether or not the calculation of hours worked. +

Images,notes and comments: TempusBasic is able to link images, comments, notes, and / or documents to any other element of the program, ie personnel Sheets, positions, shifts, etc..

Groups: Create groups of staff members, departments, sections, etc.-and use them on assignments.

Print / export: Export all data in PDF, Excel, doc, iCal or send it to our Smartphone app



TempusBasic 5.3.1

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